LGPS Central Limited becomes signatory to the UK Stewardship Code 2020

LGPS Central are very pleased to be a signatory to the UK Stewardship Code 2020 alongside two of our Partner Funds West Midlands Pension Fund and Worcestershire Pension Fund. Since inception of our company, Responsible Investment (RI) and ESG integration has been part of our DNA and our investments. This builds on a proud RI tradition by our Partner Fund clients. We welcome the added scrutiny from the FRC to stewardship activities which follows a natural evolvement as RI has become more sophisticated in the marketplace. It is not enough to say that you do it, but how and what is achieved. The new Code is undoubtedly more comprehensive and requires a 360-degree view of activities and one’s responsibility within the investment chain. At LGPSC we apply an all-encompassing RI Integrated Status (RIIS) approach to any fund at launch and through the lifespan of that fund, which covers ESG integration, engagement and voting (as appropriate) and we provide all Partner Funds an ongoing Climate Risk Monitoring Service. We will continue to enhance our capabilities in terms of people, processes, and systems. We plan to grow our Responsible Investment & Engagement Team and to invest in analytical tools that will enable us to provide even more robust challenge to our external managers and help us to understand the ESG risks embedded in our investment portfolios.

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