Diversity and Inclusion in Investment Management

Dialogue is key to making a positive change in inclusion and diversity in investment management

Two senior members of the LGPS Central Executive Team delivered a session on diversity and inclusion within the investment management industry at the recent LGC Symposium.

Metrics shared as part of the presentation reflected a 60/40 ratio in gender distribution, a BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) population of 43% and 15 different cultures represented within LGPS Central’s workforce of 70 people.

LGPS Central are active supporters of several industry initiatives including Diversity Project Charity, Asset Owner Diversity Charter, 30% Club – Growth Through Diversity and ENEI (Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion.

Chief Executive Mike Weston said, ‘We were thrilled to be invited to the LGC event to champion the benefits of dialogue on diversity and inclusion across the industry. We are proud of the broad range of individuals that deliver day in, day out for the Company and our Partner Funds, and I believe a diverse workforce, supported by an inclusive culture is a direct contributor to long term performance’.

He added, ‘I feel that many shy away from talking about diversity and inclusion due to the fear of offending, but we will only improve the position within the investment industry by having open, honest dialogue and celebrating best practice’.

The presentation was a reflection on some of the challenges that face the investment industry in developing high performing, diverse workforces. It shared the story of LGPS Central since it’s inception and the approach in continuing its trajectory building on the foundations that have been laid in recent years.

The Wolverhampton based pension pool is currently recruiting for its third graduate cohort. It has seen a range of diversity represented in initial applicants, testament to its strategy of attracting talent from across the region.

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